Four men jailed after violent robbery

Mark Smith  sentenced to 11 years for Mansfield robbery.
Mark Smith sentenced to 11 years for Mansfield robbery.

Four men who barged their way into a house and assaulted the occupants – fleeing with £20 and a bus pass – yesterday (29 October 2015) received jail sentences at Nottingham Crown Court.

Jason Hole, 22, of Crompton Road, Pleasley, Mansfield, Mark Smith, 37, of Windsor Road, Mansfield, Zack Moult, 22, of Chesterfield Road North, Pleasley, Mansfield and Gavin Hartshorn, 24, of Sandy Lane, Mansfield, all pleaded guilty to robbery.

The court heard how the four men went to an address in Gladstone Street, Mansfield, at around 8.45pm on April 8, 2015. The door was answered by a woman in her 50s and the four men, with hoods pulled over their heads, barged their way past her and into the house.

They then assaulted both the woman and her partner, striking both to the face before rifling through a handbag. They grabbed £20, a bank card and a bus pass before fleeing.

However, one of the victims was able to identify some of the offenders who he had previously had a disagreement with.

The court was told the men had decided to rob the victims after becoming convinced they had a large amount of money inside the house. However, after the carried out their assault, they fled with relatively little.

The men all entered guilty pleas at court and were sentenced to:

Jason Hole – 8 years 6 months

Mark Smith – 11 years

Zack Moult – 7 years 4 months

Gavin Hartshorn – 8 years

Det Sgt Ricky Ellis said: “These men subjected their victims to a violent and cowardly robbery, using violence to gain entry to the home and to extract money.

“Their sentences reflect the seriousness of their crime and all four men will have plenty of time in prison to reflect on their actions.”