Former police officer admits misconduct charges

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A former Nottinghamshire police officer has pleaded guilty to two charges of misconduct in a public office.

Simon Jones (32), who now lives in South Wales and who had already resigned from the force following his arrest earlier this year, admitted the offences when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday.

The charges relate to the former Worksop-based constable having sexual relationships with two vulnerable victims of crime, including an instance of having sex while on duty.

Sentencing was adjourned until Friday 16th November.

Afterwards, Assistant Chief Constable Sue Fish said: “Simon Jones’ conduct while he was a serving police officer was not just reprehensible but criminal, and it is right that he should have been brought before the court to answer the charges of misconduct in a public office.

“Police officers have a huge responsibility in protecting the vulnerable and upholding the law, and in both of these respects Simon Jones was found wanting.

“He abused the trust that the public places in the police force. People should rightly expect police officers to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and integrity at all times.”