Forest Town man breached restraining order


A man who left a note on the windscreen of his ex-partner’s car declaring his love despite being the subject of a restraining order is to be sentenced at crown court.

Timothy Biggins (50) of Siena Gardens, Forest Town, was in custody when he appeared before Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told how the restraining order was put in place in March, but he admitted to breaching the order.

On the note Biggins wrote how he could not live without the woman.

Later that day, on returning home from work, the woman then spotted Biggins standing at the side of the road, but he then jumped in front of her car and refused to move.

Prosecuting, Robert Carr said the incident had left the woman shaken and scared of what Biggins would do next.

Defending, Sulma Mansuri, said her client had found himself in a depressed and anxious state after the couple’s break up, and was also in a financial predicament.

There was no application for bail and will appear at Nottingham Crown Court on 3rd July for sentencing.