Family’s anguish after road death

Sarah Redfern, Mansfield hit and run victim with son Joe, 12.
Sarah Redfern, Mansfield hit and run victim with son Joe, 12.

Relatives of tragic Mansfield Woodhouse mum Sarah Redfern have criticised a court after the man found guilty of killing her was jailed last week.

Sarah (31) died following the hit-and-run as she walked home late from Mansfield town centre last year.

James Stafford (28) of Bonnington Road, was jailed last week for nine years after admitting killing her while he was ‘bladdered’ behind the wheel.

Speaking after the sentencing at Nottingham Crown Court last week, Sarah’s father Garry Redfern told Chad: “It is pathetic - it stinks. It never would be enough, some people get more for theft.

“It tells you they have given him nine years but he will only serve four-and-a-half.”

“Sarah was left for dead - nobody helped her.

“There is no justice whatsoever.

“Her mum is struggling to live without her.”

He added that Sarah’s 12-year-old son Joe was also struggling to cope following her tragic death.

“He copes some days and on others like Christmas and birthdays he was really down.

“There has been no closure for us.”

Miss Redfern died in hospital after the August crash, leading to an outpouring of public grief within the local community, with dozens of floral tributes left at the roadside where she was struck by the vehicle, at the junction of Haddon Road and Woodhouse Road.

In another development, Sarah’s sister Emma this week released several previously unpublished photographs of the former Manor Academy students as a tribute to the young mum.