Fake £10 note scam

STAFF at a Somercotes charity shop were left shocked when two people tricked a volunteer into changing a fake £10 note.

The youths walked into the Faso Fund shop on Nottingham Road in the village on Friday 11th August and asked for the note to be swapped for two £5 notes.

It was not until the girl and young male had left staff realised they had been given a forgery and went after the pair, who ran off.

Said shop volunteer John Butt, who saw the pair handover the fake to a colleague at around 11am: “The policeman who came afterwards and took the fake £10 away said if he had been given it in Tesco as change he’d have taken it. I think a lot of people would have been fooled by it.

“But when you looked closely it was an obvious dud.”

The Faso Fund is a charity project that organises relief to villages in Burkina Faso, west Africa.

The shop opened in 2009 and is based on a relationship South Normanton Community Church has with the country.

Added John: “After they left we realised it was fake and my colleague followed them up the road, when they saw her they ran.

“They must have thought they would struggle to change it somewhere like a local supermarket and thought they would try us.”

Derbyshire Police officers searched the area for the pair, but both managed to escape.

The two teenagers are described as both white, one a girl with a ponytail wearing a grey tracksuit and a boy in a blue hoodie.

l Anyone with information is asked to contact Derbyshire Police on 0345 1233333 or alternatively Crimestoppers, which is free and anonymous, on 0800 555111.