Empty Langwith Junction bungalows a target for yobs

ELDERLY residents living on a Langwith Junction street are being terrorised by yobs who are targeting council-owned boarded up bungalows.

People living on Highfield Avenue say the problems have occurred because the street of Bolsover District Council-owned concrete prefabs has been neglected since plans to re-home residents into new accommodation collapsed three years ago.

Around 12 bungalows on the street are now boarded up and have become a target for thieves and yobs, who run amok, trespass and even set fires.

The problems are leaving residents - many of whom are elderly and live alone - feeling intimidated and scared.

Margaret Bayliss (79) said: “It’s been horrible. At night-time we are frightened to death as they don’t come in ones or twos - there’s about five or six of them.”

Residents want council chiefs keep them informed about plans for the bungalows and carry out much-needed maintenance.

“This used to be one of the best places to live in Shirebrook and now it’s turned into one of the worst areas of Shirebrook,” said Ian Williams, who has bought his bungalow.

“It’s a disgrace how they are treating 70, 80, 90 year olds.”

Graham Launders (69) added: “We want the council to do what they promised to - move us into a new property.”

Coun Keith Bowman, cabinet member for housing management, said plans to demolish the properties had been put on hold due to cuts in Government funding.

“Following the complaints from residents, we are continuing to maintain the area around the unoccupied properties and are working closely with the police, who have stepped up their patrols in the area,” he added.

“If any of the tenants in the avenue are unhappy with their current accommodation, they should come and talk to us so we can look at their situation and discuss a way forward to help them.”