Edwinstowe drink-driver crashed car and blamed mystery thief


A drink-driving welder who tried to claim a thief had stolen his car and crashed it has been told by magistrates that he was lucky not to face further charges.

James Scothern (24) of Abbey Road, Edwinstowe, admitted a charge of drink driving at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court after he was found to 
have 85mcgs in 100mls of breath.

The legal limit is 35mcgs.

Ruth Snodin, of the CPS, told magistrates that Scothern had been lucky not be charged with dangerous driving after his VW Golf had smashed into a roadside barrier wall in Edwinstowe at 4am on 30th November last year.

The court was told how Scothern had driven to a friend’s house and parked up on Trinity Road, Edwinstowe before heading into Mansfield for a night out, drinking.

Hours later the police received a call from Scothern to say his car had been taken and he found it crashed.

When police arrived they found that the vehicle had not been tampered with to gain entry and that Scothern, who they said was drunk and 
had the car key in his possession.

When he was taken in for questionning, police put it to him that he had been the one behind the wheel when it crashed, even though there was no evidence to back up their claims.

Scothern then admitted he had been driving.

Defending himself hetold magistrates: “I would like to apologise for my actions and deeply regret what I have done.”

He was banned from driving for 22 months, given a £250 fine and made to pay £110 in costs.