Drunken man threatened to cut his neighbour’s throat

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A drunken man who told his neighbour he would cut their head off with a knife was caught on camera making the threats.

Ian Edgar, 50, was recorded by his neighbour as he ranted in a drunken state over a parking issue.

Played to Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, the footage showed Edgar stood outside his neighbour’s property on The Twitchell in Sutton slurring and swearing.

He can be heard making the threat and asking his partner to go and fetch a knife.

Edgar, who looked down at the floor as the short video was played, admitted a charge of using threatening, abusive 
or insulting words or behaviour.

Cheryl Nisbet, from the probation service told the court that Edgar had been having problems with his neighbour for three years and one dispute had made it to court before, but was thrown 
out because of a lack of evidence.

The latest argument was sparked after Edgar had asked his neighbour if they could move their car so his daughter’s broken-down vehicle could be towed to outside his house.

Edgar had been drinking, and the court was told that he also has a minor heroin problem, a drug he became addicted to in prison.

In mitigation, Yvonne Wragg said her client had been very open and honest’ and spoke about his request which triggered the heated argument.

She said: “He asked the neighbours if they could move their car when his daughter’s car was towed in, that’s when it got out of hand.

“It’s not just that he went round there for an argument, there was a legitimate reason.”

She said that since the day he was arrested and bailed, September 24, the neighbours had continued to ‘try and antagonise’ him.

Giving their verdict, the magistrates said they did not impose a restraining order against Edgar because of the ‘elements of antagonisation’ by his neighbours, and would not make him pay compensation because no physical harm had been done.

They gave him a three-month curfew order, in which he must stay at home between the hours of 8pm and 6am, and made him pay £85 costs, a £60 victim surcharge and £150 criminal courts charge.