Drunken man attacked ambulance staff on Christmas Day

Scales of justice
Scales of justice

A drunken young man who kicked and bit an ambulance worker who was trying to help him on Christmas Day has been jailed.

Liam Darren Reg Gilbert (22) of Thornton Street, Sutton, had been drinking Jack Daniels whisky and ‘Flatliner’ alcoholic shots during the day that when an ambulance was called to his home he turned violent, attacking both the paramedic and the ambulance technician.

Outlining the case for the prosecution, Ruth Snodin, said the ambulance was called to his address for a suspected overdose, and Gilbert began throwing punches when the they arrived.

He first attacked the paramedic by kicking him, and when the technician moved in to help he was kicked in the stomach and thigh, before being bitten on the forearm.

The court was shown images of the technician’s arm which had swollen up because of the bite.

After being taken away by police and interviewed, Gilbert said he had no memory of the incidents.

He also claimed his drink had been spiked after MDMA - pure Ecstasy - was found in his system.

Defending Chris Perry, said: “He does not remember doing it and recognises these people were there to help him. He has a poor record but no previous history of violence.”

Gilbert admitted being in breach of a community order he received last year in which he stole cigarettes and tobacco worth £500 from Co-op in Pinxton , where he had worked.

He was handed 26 weeks behind bars and told to pay £400 compensation between the two victims.