Drunken Kirkby woman bit police officer

09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court
09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court

A pair of young women from Kirkby both attacked the police during a domestic dispute which resulted in one officer being bitten, a court was told.

Lynsey Louise Hinman (20) of Edward Street, and Robyne Joy Jennison (22) of Cedar Avenue, stood side by side at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court where they both admitted assaulting the officers.

The pair had been at the Edward Street flat on 23rd June when they called the police shortly before 1am because of a disturbance with a neighbour.

Two officers turned up to diffuse the situation, however, a male from a third party was arrested to prevent him breaching the peace.

The two defendants tried to intervene to stop the male being taken away.

The court was told how Hinman kicked out at the officer striking him on the leg.

Jennison then grabbed hold of the other officer and bit the back of their hand.

Neither officer suffered any visible or serious injuries.

In mitigation, Hinman said she ‘freaked out’ when the officer grabbed her by the wrists, and was sorry for lashing out.

Jennison said she was ‘shameful and remorseful’ for her actions, but did not remember the incident because she had been drinking since 7pm the previous evening.

Prior to sentencing, the magistrates said: “The police are there to provide a public service and are trying to protect the public. They do not expect to be attacked in this way.

“Your actions were reckless and you claim it was partly fuelled by alcohol. It’s not an excuse for these actions.”

With neither having an income, each were fined £77, told to pay £50 costs each and a £20 surcharge.