Drunk New Houghton teen spat in police man’s face

A DRUNKEN New Houghton teenager spat in a police officer’s face after being arrested for damaging a neighbour’s home.

When Hannah Dovaston saw Jonathan Millband trying to open her front door she guessed he was so drunk he had mistaken it for his home.

“Having failed to open the door he punched a window and it smashed,” Mike Treharne, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates last Wednesday.

“Police arrived and he was extremely aggressive with them.”

Millband (19) cut his hand breaking the window.

He took off a dressing applied to the wound, which bled profusely and he was taken from the police station to hospital.

Miliband was abusive and threatening to Pc Gareth Stray at hospital.

Added Mr Treharne: “He was in bed and he drew his head back and spat in the officer’s face. This made the officer feel disgusted and sick.”

Millband, of Portland Street, admitted charges of assault and damage on 20th August. He had previous convictions for assault and burglary.

He was ordered to do 100 hours’ unpaid work and pay £100 compensation to Pc Stray and £50 to Ms Dovaston.

Said his solicitor, Liz Broughton: “His partner had gone away for a few days to see her mother in Lincoln, so he invited some friends around and they were drinking throughout the evening and night.

“He last remembers buying vodka at 9-10am and then waking up in a police cell with a deep laceration to his hand.”

Ms Broughton said Millband became distressed in hospital and called for his brother and he had to be handcuffed to a bed at one stage.

She added: “He was disgusted and mortified by his behaviour with police. He couldn’t believe he had done that.

“He apologised to hospital staff when he was sober and he apologises to police. He has no problem with Hannah Dovaston.”