Drunk man refused to leave town centre

09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court
09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court

A drunken man who was caught by police drinking in Mansfield just minutes after being ordered to leave has appeared in court.

Martin Rodgers, 29, of Clumber Drive, Mansfield, was spotted by officers shouting at a group of his own friends shortly before 9pm on October 17.

The police said he had a glazed look in his eye and was slurring his speech, so ordered him to leave and not return for the night.

But he was then spotted in the Widow Frost pub on Leeming Street, seven minutes later.

Representing himself in court, he admitted a charge of failing to comply with a police direction, 
and was ordered to pay out a £165 fine and £255 in costs.