Drug addict took heroin at Tesco


A drug addict who was spotted coming out of Tesco with a used syringe in his hand has appeared in court.

John Greaves of Prospect Street, Mansfield, admitted that he had injected £5 worth of heroin when he was caught in November.

He was also found to have been carrying a lock knife, at the time, which he said he used for skinning rabbits when he went hunting.

The 38-year-old was then found slumped in his car in Morrisons’ car park in Mansfield in January.

Again, he was found with a small knife on a lanyard around his neck, and a quantity of diazepam pills.

Appearing at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, he admitted driving while unfit through drugs, two counts of possessing a bladed article in public, and possessing a class C drug.

Defending, David Grant, said that Greaves had been working up until the end of last year, picking up £30,000 a year, but said his life had taken a downward spiral since then and he had become addicted to valium pills.

Mr Grant also said that his client admits he should not have had the lock knife when he was first arrested last year, but said the knife he had around his neck when he was stopped again two months later was ‘more ornamental than anything else’.

Mr Grant added: “What has made it all the more confusing is that they gave him the knife back at the police station, and gave him the diazepam back as well.”

Greaves was scheduled to appear back at Mansfield Magistrates’ this week.