Drinker turned to drugs to curb habit

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A cannabis user who says he takes the drug to stop him from drinking was made to pay £365 in fines and costs after being caught in possession.

John Ross Draycott, 26, of c/o Chesterfield Road, Pleasley, was searched by police after they had 
been called out to a disturbance.

Admitting a possession charge, in mitigation his solicitor, Bill Soughton, said Draycott had a strained relationship with his mother, with whom he lives, and he was getting into trouble through drink.

He said that Draycott felt cannabis was like a ‘stress relief’ and when he felt pressured it would help calm him down.

Draycott, who works at the Vauxhall garage on Sutton Road, Mansfield, was fined £165, told to pay £180 criminal courts charge and a £20 victim surcharge.