Drinker banned after getting in his car to find cigarettes

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A Warsop drinker who says he went to his car to look for a packet of cigarettes after downing pints and shots has been banned from the road.

Ashley Glen Howard, of Birkland Avenue, says he had been on a night out and had drunk four pints of lager, and four shots.

The 24-year-old says he given £10 to friend earlier on in the night, but he had not received the money back and was not happy about it.

Howard claimed he went to his car to find the cigarettes and had planned to drive off, but was stopped by another friend.

He says he never had the key in the ignition at any point.

However, Anna Pierrepoint of the Crown Prosecution Service, told Mansfield Magistrates’ Court that it was still deemed as a drink-drive charge.

Defending himself, Howard said he had been ‘frustrated’ by his friend who ad not given him his money back.

He added that the Peugeot 307 only moved when he took the hand brake off.

He told the magistrates that a ban could mean he loses his job and would therefore struggle to pay maintenance for his young daughter, but he was told by the clerk of the court that a ban was automatic with drink-drive cases.

He had blown 58mcgs in 100mls during the breath test.

The legal limit is 35mcgs.

Admitting the charge, he was handed a 12-month ban, a £290 fine, told to pay £150 criminal courts charge, £85 costs and a £29 surcharge.

He was told he could enter a drink-drive rehabilitation course, which on completion, could cut his ban down by three months.