DJ loses job after selling stolen amplifiers online

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A MANSFIELD radio disc-jockey lost his job after being caught selling stolen amplifiers on Ebay, a court was told on Wednesday.

The speakers - worth £1,291 - were among goods stolen from another DJ, Kieran Billyeald, after entry was forced to lock-up premises on 11th June.

A friend called Mr Billyeald on 15th July to say his amplifiers were on sale online and, three days later, police recovered them from Joseph Calladine.

There was no evidence linking Calladine to the burglary and he told police he knew nothing about it.

He stated that he was unpacking his van outside a local media studio a week earlier when a vehicle pulled up and someone approached him.

He was asked about a Mansfield radio station sticker on his van and was then offered the amplifiers, which he bought for £200.

“He said they were damaged and he thought they were counterfeit and he put them on Ebay,” Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

Calladine (25), of Wood Street, Mansfield, admitted possessing criminal property between 11th-19th July. He had no previous convictions.

Presiding magistrate Paul Beard fined him £315, with £85 costs.

Annette Thomas, for Calladine, said: “He intended to use the amplifiers himself. When he realised they weren’t what he thought they were he offered them for sale to recoup some of the money.

“He’s a DJ and he lost his employment with a radio station as a result of publicity of this offence. He is flying to Ibiza to do end of season parties and he intends getting back into work here. He lives alone, paying a mortgage.”

Probation officer Julia Gillott said Calladine had some night work for a radio station and he had already been punished by losing the job.

He told her: “I have really learned my lesson from this. I’m shocked. I had never considered the knock-on effect it would have.”