Diesel theft alert in Mansfield

Police are asking vehicle owners across Mansfield to be vigilant after an increase in diesel theft.

Since the beginning of June, 17 vehicles, particularly vans, have been targeted, with thieves forcing open fuel caps before siphoning off quantities of fuel.

Additional patrols have been put in place but there are a number of steps drivers can take to help prevent them from becoming a victim.

These include:

Consider parking your vehicle with the fuel-filler close to a wall.

Purchase a locking fuel cap.

Review your parking security measures – are you parked near CCTV? Is the area well lit? Can you leave your vehicle somewhere more secure?

Wherever possible, leave work vehicles in a secure compound.

If you have a vehicle alarm, use it.

Insp Mark Webster, who oversees community policing for areas within Mansfield North, said: “With the credit crunch, we have seen fuel prices increase significantly. Unfortunately we find thieves will also look to take advantage by using other peoples’ fuel for their own measure, often to commit other crime, or they will sell it on.

“We need residents to be vigilant and take care when parking their vehicles. We want people to be forewarned that this is happening and to report anyone acting suspiciously to us immediately.” Anyone with any information about those responsible for stealing fuel is asked to contact Nottinghamshire Police on 0300 300 9999 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.