Desperate ex-addict caught buying drugs

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A Pleasley mother-of-four and ex-heroin addict has been fined after admitting being caught in possession of the drug.

Town magistrates were told how a police officer in an unmarked car saw Ann Marie Mullins (37), of Cambria Road, purchasing it from a known dealer on Rock Hill after spotting and following him.

Matthew Greene, defending, said Mullins had been off heroin for 10 years but had been unable to collect her latest methadone script due to family issues.

He added: “She fell very ill and sought heroin as a substitute.

“Luckily, she never took the heroin. She was arrested and tested negative at the police station for the drug.

“She is now back on track and has her methadone script.”

Mr Greene said Mullins worked part-time as a cleaner, which had helped her keep her life stable and this had been the brief relapse of a desperate person.

The mother-of-four was given a £200 fine, £50 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.