Criminals warned as Nottinghamshire Police Operation Reacher teams approach 500th drugs raid

Criminals have been warned to expect a knock at their door after a new network of proactive community police teams neared their 500th drugs raid.

By Shelley Marriott
Sunday, 13th June 2021, 10:48 am

Nottinghamshire Police has had 12 Operation Reacher teams operating since October 2020 to react quickly to community concerns, disrupt organised criminality and build stronger relationships with residents.

In the nine months since they have arrested or interviewed nearly 1,500 people, carried out more than 3,200 stop and searches, and seized more than nearly £580,000 in suspected illicit cash.

The teams also seized 423 illegal cars, 303 weapons and apprehended 374 suspects wanted by the courts.

Nottinghamshire Police has had 12 Operation Reacher teams operating since October 2020

The 12 Operation Reacher teams each consist of a sergeant and seven officers and are modelled on a pilot unit that successfully targeted organised crime groups on the Bestwood estate in 2018-19.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said: “Operation Reacher was set up to respond quickly and effectively to key community concerns and to make life as difficult as possible for local criminals.

“The ongoing uplift in officer numbers has allowed our Reacher teams to retain a laser-like focus on the issues that matter to our communities and the results speak for themselves.

“More drugs are being taken off the streets, more dealers are being arrested and more illegal cash and weapons are being seized.

“All in all we are taking more and more proactive actions and putting local criminals firmly on the back foot, with raids taking place almost every day since the Reacher initiative was launched.

“So if you are dealing drugs or involved in any other criminal enterprise then you too should be expecting a very firm knock on your door in the near future. Because we simply will not tolerate people who blight the lives of their neighbours by engaging in organised criminality.”

The Ashfield team played a central role in the arrest of a suspect in the Manchester area who was wanted on suspicion of attempted murder.

To find out more about the work carried out by Operation Reacher teams, visit the local neighbourhood policing Facebook page or follow them on Twitter or Nottinghamshire Police’s website.