Could you become a Nottinghamshire Police cadet leader?

Nottinghamshire Police are still looking for people to become cadet leaders in their community.

Audrie Niddrie.
Audrie Niddrie.

The force has senior cadet bases across the county and are currently looking for cadet leaders for the following bases:


Lyrico Steede Police Cadet Base

Audrie Niddrie.

Carlton Junior Cadets- Carlton Fire Station

Clifton Police Station

Newark Police Station

St Ann's Robin Hood Chase


Joint Fire and Police Cadets

Hyson Green

Worksop Junior Cadets - Worksop Police Station

Whether you are retired, in full or part-time work, unemployed, stay at home parents, student; you’ll have valuable skills and experience that will help young people get involved in the community and gain social awareness.

As a cadet leader, you’ll be part of a team that works with cadets based throughout Nottinghamshire.

The role is important to the force as it develops trust and confidence with the younger community and it’s hoped that the cadets can continue their development with the organisation as they get older.

Applicants to the role don’t have to have any policing background, anyone in community can apply.

Cadet Leader Audrey Niddrie has worked in the role for three years.

She said: “Being a Cadet Leader has allowed me to be able to work alongside a wide range of young people whilst they are developing their knowledge in policing and community awareness.

"The role means that I am able to pass on what I have learnt whilst working for the force as a Special Constable, at the same time I have been able to gain vital skills whist helping young people make a positive impact in their local communities.

‘’It is a role that I enjoy doing as I am able to see young people develop, gain more confidence, work with other young people and move towards their chosen career aspirations. This is a very adaptable and fun role that will also enable you as a Cadet Leader to be able to give back to your local community as well.

“As a Cadet Leader, you can make a huge difference to 155 lives who are part of the force’s cadet programme."

Recruitment will close 28 July 2019. For further information to become a cadet leader please visit: