Cops deliver scam warning

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Police are warning residents about a new door-to-door scam that could emerge the region involving the delivery of packages.

It was reported that the offender will knock on the door of the target victim saying they are delivering a parcel, usually a padded envelope.

On handing the item over, the offender will ask for a payment for delivery, which is about £, and insist that this be paid by card as they 
are not allowed to handle cash.

A machine will be presented as a chip and pin device, the card inserted, and PIN number asked for.

The device will reject the numbers and ‘eat’ the card.

The offender will then state he needs to go to his van for a tool to remove the card, which he claims will be nearby.

Whilst this happens, the card will be used to withdraw a sum of money from the nearest cash point, and the card is then returned.

PCSO David Marsden, who covers the Lyndhurst and Berry Hill area of Mansfield, said: “It has come to the attention of Derbyshire Police Force that a new method of door to door fraud.

“I must stress that this has yet to happen in the Nottinghamshire Police catchment, however, as a precaution, it’s to inform you of this new scam incase it enters the area.”