Clubber caught with £40 worth of cocaine

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A bricklayer who bought a bag of cocaine in a Mansfield nightclub was made to pay £485 by magistrates.

Ben Newby, 25, of Collins Avenue, Sutton, had been in Rewind on Clumber Street when he was caught with the bag of powder.

He told police that he was drunk, but knew what he was doing and bought the £40 bag of cocaine in the club.

He said he would buy drugs when he went out drinking, which was about once a month.

Representing himself, he admitted a charge of possession, saying: “I know I should not have done it, I’ve not got a problem with it and I’m not addicted.

“I went out that weekend and won a bit of money, so I thought I would buy some.”

He was fined £200 and made to pay £285 costs.