Close shave for desperate man short on cash

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A Mansfield man has been given a conditional discharge after admitting selling stolen razors in order to buy some food.

Town magistrates were told how John Readman (31), of Austin Close, left the B&M Bargains store without paying for £18 worth of Gillette razor on 20th October.

David Miles, prosecuting, said Readman’s last offence had been a public order matter.

Moira McFarland, defending, said Readman had been short of cash due to ongoing benefits problems since January.

Readman was currently receiving no benefits until his entitlement was figured out.

She added: “There has been a long cessation of offending and that is because of his current partner.

“On this occasion it was an offence committed out of desperation.

“My client found himself in the town centre, hungry and fed up of begging from his partner and taking money out of her children’s mouths.”

Ms McFarland said Readman regretted the offence but it was purely a one-off.

She added; “He did not want his current partner to know about this and is disappointed with his behaviour.”

Readman was given a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay £18 compensation.

A magistrate said: “You will not be punished today but if you commit any further offences in the next six months you will be punished for this one as well as any others.”