Chainsaw burglars lose jail term plea

Two members of a gang which terrorised an innocent couple by breaking into their Mansfield flat with a chainsaw have been told they cannot complain about their jail terms.

London’s Criminal Appeal Court heard the terrified couple barricaded themselves in their Shireoaks Court home after they awoke to find a man wearing a motorbike helmet smashing his way through their door with the chainsaw.

Members of the group finally broke in through a bathroom window and smashed a television set with a hammer before escaping with a laptop. Police were quickly on the scene and chased the fleeing burglars.

James Wheldon and Luke Evans were among six raiders jailed at Nottingham Crown Court in June. The pair were handed six years after admitting burglary.

Wheldon (26), of Simpson Road, Mansfield, and 24-year-old Evans, of no fixed address, challenged their jail terms at the Appeal Court, with their lawyers arguing they were too tough.

But their complaints were dismissed by three of the country’s most senior judges, who said there was “nothing wrong” with the sentences they received for such a “terrifying” incident.