Calls for Skegby Hall abuse victims to step forward

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A former Forest Town man who is fighting for justice for youngsters abused in Nottinghamshire care homes is calling to more victims to step forward.

Mickey Summers, who was himself abused in care as a boy, said that since he launched his campaign, four people have bravely come forward who were sexually abused while staying at Skegby Hall.

The former home is one of several under investigation by the police, codenamed Operation Daybreak, which is looking closely into abuse at homes between the 1960s and 2000.

Each have all named the same perpetrator, and Mickey says they now know where he lives, which is outside of Britain.

Mickey (60), who has already identified the man who abused him - a social services workers in the 1960s - says keeping the issue in the public eye can only serve to bring more people forward.

He said: “Since it first went in the Chad, at least a dozen people have contacted me and we’ve all shared a lot of information.

“Four of those people were at Skegby Hall and they’ve all given me the same name of someone who worked there, and used to take some children home with him at weekends. What we’re doing is all helping to bring people forward but I’d like more.

“The more we can get the bigger picture we’ll be able to create.”

Anyone wanting to get in contact with Mickey can call Nick at Chad on 01623 450305.