Bulwell man who waved a Samurai sword in the street while drunk appears in court

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A “merrily drunk” man was seen waving a Samurai sword above his head late one night on a quiet Bulwell street, a court heard.

Lee Wright (32), of Newmarket Road, Bulwell, pleaded guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court to having the sword, which was two feet long, in a public place.

Sumaiya Khan (prosecuting) said the police were called to Brook Close at 10.50 pm on Thursday 10th July by an alarmed resident who said the man was outside his front door.

When an officer arrived, he had to give chase when Wright, who was slurring his words and staggering on his feet, jogged round a corner.

After ordering him to put his hands up, the officer then pointed a taser gun at Wright.

He was eventually apprehended after a struggle on the floor, and the sword was recovered from a nearby garden.

“When interviewed, he said he could remember going out that night, but couldn’t remember anything after that,” said Miss Khan.

“He had drunk four cans of Stella and also taken anti-depressants and cannabis.

He claimed he had found the sword lying on the ground but denied waving it above his head.

“He said he felt ashamed of his behaviour because he wanted to set a good example to his son.”

Rob Keeble (defending) told the court Wright wasn’t thinking straight at the time.

“He kept receiving text messages from a man called Kev who was making nasty comments about the death of his (Wright’s) father, who committed suicide last year.

“He also suffers from depression, but has no history of violence or offences relating to weapons.

“He is also the sole carer of his 11-year-old son, who has behavioural difficulties.

If Mr Wright goes to prison, it would have a devastating impact.”

District Judge Leo Pyle adjourned the case for a week to enable Wright to look into possible arrangements for his son if a custodial sentence was handed down.