Bulwell man sentenced to two years two months for series of unprovoked assaults

A young Bulwell man, who used scissors to hack at a girlfriend’s hair after unprovoked violence by him against another woman, has been jailed for more than two years.

Aiden Newbold, 21 of Willow Hill Close, was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court for four separate sets of offences between last October and May this year.

Judge Joan Butler told him: “These were nasty assaults and it is time society had a rest from you.”

Newbold admitted punching a man who suspected he had seen a group taking cocaine in toilets at a Nottingham pub last October, said Sarah Munro, prosecuting.

Newbold told his victim to shut up and not say anything, the court heard.

He was caught but released on bail and in January damaged a taxi and racially abused the driver in Parliament Street in Nottingham.

When told the taxi was already taken Newbold shouted: “I’ve got a knife and I’ll put it in you. I’ll rape your children and blow up your house.”

He smashed the wing-mirror and kicked the car, denting the bodywork. It cost over £300 to repair.

Newbold was again bailed and went on to attack a 25-year-old woman and her boyfriend walking along Bells Lane, Aspley. The couple passed a group of three men.

Without provocation Newbold punched the man to the back of the head.

When the woman confronted him he kneed her to the face and pushed her through a fence, the court was told.

“He continued to punch and knee her on the ground before the police arrived,” said Miss Munro.

The final offences were in May. He grabbed and pulled his teenage girlfriend’s hair after she ended their relationship.

But he talked her round using emotional blackmail.

They went for a picnic in a secluded spot. But again he turned violent, pinning her down and spitting in her face, said Miss Munro.

“He took scissors from his pocket and began hacking at her hair.”

The offence was charged as common assault but should have been the more serious charge of assault causing actual bodily harm the court was told.

She was screaming and tried to collect up her hair. He threw her bag over a fence and her mobile phone down a drain.

A member of the public asked if she was all right, but she feared for the man’s safety and said she was. Newbold was convicted after a trial. His advocate Roger Wilson said his client could not give an explanation. He had problems, drank to excess and had a hot temper.

The judge said a psychiatrist had said the only way Newbold could be helped was if he were motivated to seek help.

The sentence was two years and two months imprisonment.