BOLSOVER: Pumpkins smashed in Halloween allotment raid

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Pumpkins due to be auctioned for help the hero was smashed and sheds damaged in a raid at an allotments.

Two sheds were overturned, the gate was damaged and ten pumpkins were found destroyed at the allotment, on Oxcroft Lane, Bolsover, when a user arrived this morning (October, 31)

Geoff Hall, who has a plot at the site, said it is the third time the allotments have been targeted in as many months

He said: “It is sheer vandalism.

“Some of the pumpkins were stolen, and they were heavy, and the sheds were pushed over which is no easy feat, so they can’t have been that young.”

Police said they are conduction house to house enquiries following the incident, in which a drill was also stolen.

Anyone with information should call 101.