Bolsover man jailed for thefts of lager

A BOLSOVER man who raided a shop for lager twice in a day is behind bars again.

Robert Barraclough (37) stole a four-pack of lager from One Stop shop in Bolsover on 16th July. He drank the beer and then returned and repeated the offence, magistrates at Chesterfield were told.

Sarah Haslam, prosecuting, said he was identified from in-store CCTV footage.

Barraclough, of Langwith Road, admitted both thefts and breaching bail by missing a court hearing on 7th November.

He appeared before the justices in police custody, having been arrested on Saturday, and was jailed for a total of five weeks.

His solicitor, Bob Bashforth, said his problems stemmed from heroin abuse and he knew a spell in custody would keep him away from the drug.

“He says he won’t co-operate with any community-based penalty and he doesn’t wish to engage with the probation service.

“There is an element here of wishing to get free of drug use. He is not simply sticking two fingers up to the court and saying he doesn’t care,” added Mr Bashforth.