Bolsover crash motorist escapes driving ban

A BOLSOVER motorist who caused a car crash has been spared a driving ban that would have left him on the dole.

Vauxhall Astra driver Jason Bowman was overtaking a Ford Mondeo when he saw an oncoming vehicle and tried to pull back in to the left.

Chesterfield magistrates were told that his car clipped the front of the Mondeo and went into a spin. It then crashed into a lamp-post and ended up on its roof.

The collision took place on a slight bend on Chesterfield Road, Bolsover, on 9th April.

Witness Paul Crookes told police that Bowman had been speeding.

Said prosecutor, Becky Mahon: “Mr Bowman said it was all his fault. He said he was doing about 50mph, a car was coming towards him and he tried to pull in front of the Mondeo but his back end clipped it.”

He told police: “I don’t know why I overtook, to be honest.”

Bowman (29), of Houfton Road, admitted a charge of careless driving and was fined £307, with £85 costs.

Magistrates said his driving bordered on dangerous and it was ‘only by the grace of God’ that no-one was injured or even killed.

They considered a driving ban but instead added nine penalty points to his licence, leaving him three short of disqualification under the totting-up rules.

“I need my licence for work. I travel every day and I work all over the country,” Bowman told the court.

“The road was clear and I wasn’t speeding. I thought I could make it as the oncoming vehicle was a long way off.

“It was a really bad misjudgement which I will never make again.”