BMX worth £3,000 taken

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A world champion BMX rider is calling for the return of his prize bike after it was taken from Warsop, and he says it could hinder his preparation for next year’s Olympics.

Kelvin Batey, who was born in Warsop, had been coaching local children at the BMX track on Carr Lane on Sunday but left the site at around 2pm, accidentally leaving the bike behind.

Made from carbon fibre, the Prophecy bike is worth around £3,000, and he fears without it he will miss vital training on the bike.

He has hopes of making the British BMX squad for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

He said: “It’s the bike I will use to hopefully qualify for the Olympics next year.

“I use the bike regularly for training so this will have a huge impact on my season’s preparations if I unable to 
get the bike back, having to wait a good few weeks for another to come through from America.”

It is not yet known if the bike has been stolen.

Kelvin added: “I’m hoping that someone has maybe found it and has stored it for whatever reason.”

The 33 year-old lived in Warsop until the age 23 and now resides in Sheffield.

He first learned his trade at the track in Warsop, and has gone onto win numerous titles.

Last year he was crowned the UCI BMX World Champion in the 30-35 Cruiser category at the competition in Rotterdam.

Anyone who may have seen the bike or knows of its whereabouts, can contact Chad on 01623 450305.