Blind man attacked in pub car park

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A motorist got out of his car to attack a blind man while in drink, a court was told.

Ricky Parkin, 27, of Chesterfield Road, New Houghton, admitted punching the man who was carrying a white stick and wearing dark glasses after an exchange of words.

The incident happened in the car park of the Royal Oak pub in Edwinstowe on July 10.

Outlining the case for the crown prosecution service, Rosemary Wilde said the victim had been stood outside 
the pub with a friend when Parkin, who had been drinking in the pub, got into his Renault and drove across the car park.

It was alleged that Parkin had stopped next to the victim and his friend, had wound the window down and asked them if they could get hold of any drugs.

They said no and it was alleged that the victim then cracked a gag, which resulted in Parkin getting out his car and attacking him.

The victim said he heard the car door open and was then punched twice around the head and kicked twice when he was laid on the floor, once in the head, then in the lower back.

He suffered bruising and swelling to his nose, and grazing on his hand.

The victim’s friend also gave a statement saying he was punched twice and kicked twice.

Other revellers had rushed over to the scene when the attack happened.

Parkin admitted a charge of assault, but contested the details, claiming he only punched the victim once and did not kick him.

Parkin also admitted a charge of driving while unfit through drink.

He also contests that he was only moving his vehicle across the car park and had no intention of driving it further.

A charge of drink driving was withdrawn in favour of the charge of driving while unfit to drink.

The magistrates said the amount of blows landed on the blind man would make a ‘significant difference’ to the sentencing, so ordered a Newton hearing to take place.

The special hearing will determine which version of events is the truth.

Parkin is due to return to Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on October 14 for a case management hearing and then on November 6 for the Newton hearing.