Auction houses join fight against cannabis houses

Auction houses across Nottingham are joining forces with the police in a bid to protect new properties from falling foul of drug producers.

A leaflet containing information about what to look out for, the consequences and solutions is to be included in auction information packs given out to successful bidders.

It comes following an idea by PC Neil Reynolds, who was looking to sell his own property at auction.

PC Reynolds, based at Radford Road, said: “On speaking to the auctioneer I was told that a number of landlords had had problems with organised cannabis grows being set up in their properties.

“While the Force gives out a lot of crime prevention advice, providing information directly to those taking on a new venture of this kind can help them from having their property abused in this way.

“While most tenants are genuine, there are a small number of people who look to take advantage for their own gain and utilise rented property to produce drugs. This can have an impact the value of the property as damage, and subsequent repair costs can amass to thousands.”

Matt Hilton, auctioneer at heb Chartered Surveyors, said: “It is good to see the police taking a very positive step in warning landlords on this ongoing problem about cannabis houses.

“We, along with other auction houses, support anything that can help our clients, and so this initiative will hopefully go a long way