Ashfield man attacks police officer when trying to smuggle cocaine into a Mansfield pub

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

An Ashfield man attacked a community support officer as he tried to smuggle Class A drugs into a Mansfield pub.

David Smith, 43, of Cherry Avenue, Kirkby, admitted in court that he was trying to hide cocaine for his friend as he was stopped outside the Swan pub in Mansfield town centre.

CCTV footage shown in Mansfield Magistrates’ Court showed a PCSO attempting to stop Smith from entering the pub when he struggled and shoved her into the doorway.

He shoved the young female officer into the doorway after grabbing her arm when she tried to restrain him.

His friend, Gavin Carpenter, 29, of St. Michaels Street, Sutton, thought he was going to be searched by the officer, so had passed on the drugs to Smith.

Carpenter also pleaded guilty to being in possession of the drugs.

The police were called around 7pm on Saturday, August 8, after Carpenter was witnessed snorting cocaine in another Mansfield venue.

The prosecution solicitor, Marjorie Kirkham-Smith, said the men had been out drinking and taking drugs during the day, after picking the drugs up in Nottingham.

Ms Kirkham-Smith said Smith had grabbed the officers arm and “panicked”.

Donna Pursglove, defending, said: “Smith is absolutely devastated and disgusted about his behaviour on that evening.

“And Carpenter fully accepts it’s illegal to be in possession of drugs.

“It would appear that this is a one-off.”

Gavin Carpenter was ordered to pay £395 to the court.

David Smith was ordered to pay £715 to the court and £50 compensation to the officer.

Lead magistrate Elaine Konieczny said: “This ended up being a very expensive evening.

“Stay out of trouble and hopefully you won’t pay these courts a visit again.”