Armed police drama in Mansfield

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RESIDENTS on Mansfield’s Victoria Street were shocked to see armed police outside their homes at about 7.30pm on Saturday night.

Police were responding to a report from a householder that a group of men with a firearm had attempted to burgle a property whose occupier was not home.

Nothing has been reported stolen from the house but a group of men were seen fleeing the scene. A police spokesman said no evidence of a firearm had been found.

A helicopter was deployed overhead and police remained on the street until midday today.

One Victoria Street resident said: “I heard a helicopter and saw police cars come up. We went out and started walking up the street and the police told us to get back in.

“When I looked out of the window there were two policemen walking down with guns and one with a dog.

“There was a helicopter going over the railway lines and then near the bus station and back over the houses. It did not bother me though. We get this kind of thing regularly around here.”

Another resident said: “I went out and said ‘is everyone OK?’ A policeman said ‘get back inside the house.’ He did not have to tell me twice.

“It freaks me out because this is a quiet street and it forced a lot of people out onto the street.”

A woman resident on Victoria Street said she saw police with ‘big guns.’ “When I tell people I live on Victoria Street they say ‘oh,’” said the resident.

“But I have 250 neighbours and I know their names. How many people can say that? We have got all sorts around here – from doctors and nurses to drug addicts.”

The Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “We ask anyone who saw a group of men running away from the Victoria Street area around 7.30pm or any cars leaving the area at speed to come forward.”

If you think you can help the police with their enquiries phone 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.