Alfretron drunk driver arrested after tip-off

POLICE were waiting when an Alfreton motorist returned home from a journey he made while over the limit.

Jason Blank was driven home from the French Horn pub in Codnor by his partner and a row blew up between the couple and her daughter.

Blank (38) told his partner that he wanted to go to Ripley and, if she didn’t take him, he would drive there himself, Chesterfield magistrates were told on Monday.

“He asked for the keys and she gave them to him because she couldn’t see any alternative because of his mood,” said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

Blank then drove away in a Land-Rover and police were alerted. Officers were waiting at his address when he returned shortly afterwards.

He was arrested and went on to give a reading of 51mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath, the limit being 35mcgs.

Blank, of Tavistock Square, Alfreton, admitted drink-driving on 14th May and was fined £415, with £85 costs.

He also received a 15-month road ban, to be cut to a year if he passes a rehabilitation course for drink-drivers.

He told police he took the wheel to get away from an argument with his partner.

“He thought that he fell asleep and then he woke up and drove home. He realised he had drunk too much and turned back,” said Mrs Griffiths.

“He was remorseful and said he shouldn’t have used the car and he hadn’t committed this sort of offence before.”

Blank made no comment except to agree with the prosecutor’s evidence.