Alfreton man given suspended jail term for assault

AN ALFRETON man who attacked his then-partner after she woke him up has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

James Rhodes had been out drinking with Cassie Elliott and a mutual friend before the incident on 27th June.

Chesterfield magistrates heard that the victim told police Rhodes grabbed her hair and swung her round, causing her to hit a wall and cut her bottom lip.

“She was scared and the friend they had been drinking with came running upstairs and took hold of the defendant, trying to get him off her.

“She managed to break free and ran into the spare room and called police from there,” added Bill Taylor, prosecuting.

Rhodes, formerly of Lincoln Street, Alfreton, and now of Independent Hill, admitted assault and breaching bail by failing to attend a court hearing on 6th July.

He received a 10-week jail term, suspended for a year, and was ordered to pay £100 compensation, with £85 costs.

Presiding magistrate Paul Beard also imposed a one-year probation supervision order and 100 hours’ unpaid work.

“He had drunk a lot more than she had. There was tugging of the duvet and it triggered this reaction,” said Stephen Coope, for Rhodes.

“He doesn’t remember a great deal about the incident but he accepts what she says. It wasn’t a savage beating.”

Mr Cooper said the previous offence involved a push on his sister while she was attacking his partner. He added: “He needs help controlling alcohol, which is controlling him.”