Alfreton man could be jailed for attacking partner

JAIL could be looming for a drunken Alfreton man who attacked his partner and a neighbour who tried to help her.

Chesterfield magistrates were told on Monday that Jason Pearson had been drinking for up to 15 hours before turning violent.

He and his partner returned home from a pub at 8.30pm on 7th June and she asked him to leave because her son was due back from a visit to his father’s address and she did not want the boy to see Pearson in a drunken state.

“He refused and she started to walk outside. He pulled her back into the house but she got away and ran up the street,” said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

Pearson (38) caught up with the woman, grabbed her hair and top and slapped her across the face. He also pinned her against a fence by her throat.

She broke free and a witness Rodger Webster, who knew her, saw Pearson pushing her as she walked down his drive shouting ‘Rodger, help’.

He went outside and saw Pearson had pinned her down on the ground. “He shouted to the defendant to get off her and the defendant stood up and struck him in the face, cutting his lip.

“Mr Webster suffers from spondylosis. He was cross because he tried to help and ended up being assaulted himself,” said Mrs Griffiths.

Pearson was arrested and later told police he could not remember assaulting either victim.

Pearson, of Ash Court, admitted two charges of assault. He had previous convictions for violence, dishonesty and drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Magistrates adjourned sentence until 27th July for probation service reports and warned he could be locked up at the next hearing.

He was granted bail on condition he did not contact his victims or go to the Birchwood Road area of Alfreton where they live.

“He accepts he is an alcoholic. There are a number of issues that need addressing and he needs some help to keep off alcohol. He can’t remember the incident,” said Matt Evans, for Pearson.