Alfreton man caught on camera taking scooter

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A drunken Alfreton man was caught on camera when he decided to take a scooter from outside a bar for a short ride.

Police were called on the morning of 30th September after the £600 Sym bike was found damaged and abandoned in the street.

They traced the owner who said he had left the scooter overnight near Crib bar in Church Street, Ripley. It had a steering lock and a rear wheel chain not connected to anything.

“CCTV revealed a male in the area walking around the side of the bar. He is then seen riding off on the scooter towards Butterley Hill.

“Staff at the bar identified Stephen Fletcher from the footage and he was arrested on 20th October,” Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield.

Fletcher (23) told police he had been drinking with friends in Alfreton before going on to Ripley’s Matrix club.

“By 11pm he had drunk nine pints and was feeling drunk. He remembered being ejected from the club and hanging around outside and then walking towards the Crib bar.

“He said he came across the scooter and free-wheeled it down a side street and he may have pushed it over before leaving it and walking home,” said Mrs Griffiths, adding that he was remorseful in interview.

Fletcher, of Chatsworth Close, Alfreton, admitted taking a vehicle without consent and using a vehicle without insurance.

He had previous convictions for using threatening behaviour, possessing an offensive weapon, damaging property, being drunk and disorderly and shoplifting.

Sentence was adjourned until Thursday for probation service reports.

“It was more or less a spur of the moment offence in drink. He saw the scooter and sat on it and free-wheeled it down the hill and left it there.There was no chain on it,” said Julian Hammond, for Fletcher.