Alfreton concrete thrower given prison term

AN Alfreton man is behind bars after he lobbed a chunk of concrete at a resident angered by car vandals.

David Tomlinson confronted a group of young men including Daniel Holmes and asked if they had been smashing wing mirrors off parked cars.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates on Monday that Holmes denied it and lost his cap as he and his pal, Daniel Harvey, ran away.

Mr Tomlinson said that whoever owned the cap could collect it from his home and he later saw Holmes and another man outside his address.

Holmes was holding lumps of concrete and he threw one at Mr Tomlinson, who ducked. It struck his Vauxhall Combo van, damaging a rear door.

Mrs Griffiths said the pair ran off and were chased to King Street by Mr Tomlinson, who flagged down a passing police car.

Holmes was arrested and told officers he knew wing mirrors were being ‘banged’ by someone but he did not know who was responsible.

He alleged he was confronted by Mr Tomlinson and another neighbour, one of whom punched him in the face, and they ran off because they feared further violence.

He said his cap was expensive so he returned to Park Street to retrieve it.

Mr Tomlinson raced towards him and he picked up a rock and threw it at him in self-defence.

Holmes, of Ellesmere Avenue, had denied charges of assault and damage but he was convicted after failing to attend his trial on 5th December. He was jailed for 16 weeks.

In mitigation, Lynford Fuller said he was confronted by Mr Tomlinson and another man about the broken wing mirrors and punched in the face, knocking off his cap.

It was picked up by Mr Tomlinson’s neighbour and Holmes went to the neighbour’s address to collect it. Mr Tomlinson saw him and confronted him again.

Holmes had previous convictions for damage, burglary, threatening behaviour and possessing cannabis. The burglary involved entering his parents’ home after he had been kicked out.

“He now has a son and he has devoted himself to his family and changed his life completely,” said Mr Fuller.