Alcoholic Bulwell man breached ASBO neighbour ban

Nottingham Magistrates' Court. Photo: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire
Nottingham Magistrates' Court. Photo: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

An alcoholic Bulwell man breached an ASBO banning him from seeing his own next-door neighbour, a court was told.

Mark Augustus Henry (48), of Highbury Road, had ‘a strong relationship’ with Colin Burry, Nottingham Magistrates’ Court was told.

They were ‘both reliant on alcohol’, and they were ‘dependent on each other for certain things’.

However, as the result of an earlier dispute, Henry was handed a court order in March that prevented him from visiting Mr Burry’s home.

So when he continued to pop round to see his neighbour, he had to be arrested by the police.

Henry admitted six charges of attending Mr Burry’s home between June and August without reasonable excuse and in breach of an anti-social behaviour order.

The court was told that, on one occasion, the pair were seen ‘talking and drinking in each other’s company in the garden’.

Leanne Splaine, in mitigation, said Henry got himself into ‘a vicious cycle’ of going to prison, being released, visiting Mr Burry and being sent back to jail.

“On one occasion, he left some of his property with Mr Burry to look after while he was in prison,” said Miss Splaine. “But when he went to collect it on being released, he automatically breached his ASBO.”

Miss Splaine explained that Henry’s problems stemmed from his addiction to alcohol.

At one point, he worked as a volunteer in the kitchens at the Salvation Army, and ‘everything was going in a positive direction’.

“But then he sank into depression and drank more to try and block out the pain,” said Miss Splaine.

“He was in a very bad state, crying and shaking. It was one of his worst experiences and made him accept he needed help.”

Since then, Miss Splaine added, Henry had undergone a detox, and doctors were pleased with his progress.

“He now feels his mind is clear and he is in a better position than ever,” she said.

Henry was sentenced to a community order for 12 months, during which he must be supervised by the probation service and receive treatment for his drink problems.

“You are dry now and you need to maintain that,” the chairman of the Bench told him, “It won’t be easy.

“It is time you were able to address your issues. But living next door to Mr Burry is not helping.

“You need to push the city council to re-house you, well away from the Bulwell area.”