A smart move to beat Ashfield’s thieves

EVERY metal memorial plaque in Ashfield has been marked with ‘invisible’ SmartWater as part of a new crackdown to stop them being targeted by thieves.

The War Memorials Trust, Ashfield Memorials Group and Ashfield District Council have joined forces to make sure all metal plaques in the area have been marked with SmartWater and registered on a database.

SmartWater, which has been proven to help reduce crime, is invisible to the eye but appears when scanned using an ultraviolet light.

It is also almost impossible to remove once marked and can even withstand being burnt.

If a plaque now gets stolen and taken to a scarp yard, police can locate exactly which plaque it is and where it has been stolen from.

In addition, if a thief attempts to remove SmartWater they risk inadvertently spreading forensic evidence onto their clothes and any tools they are using - which can be used by police to link them directly to the crime scene.  

Said Coun Warren Nuttall: “We are very pleased to be involved in this scheme and are doing all we can to help to try and reduce this sort of crime.

“The SmartWater technology is very impressive and we hope it will help to protect our war memorial plaques.”