£16,500 worth of drugs at property

A MAN whose Mansfield home was used for a commercial cannabis growing operation has been jailed for two years and eight months.

Police found 93 plants at the premises on Abbott Road, which could have yielded 2.7 kilos of the drug worth £16,500.

Andrew Carter (46), formerly known as Dickinson, admitted production of cannabis and had been to prison in the past for cocaine and heroin offences.

A judge at Nottingham Crown Court wanted to know why a second man, said to be a lodger and alleged to have been controlling the enterprise, was not prosecuted.

Police raided Carter’s home on 27th May last year and found three rooms turned over to a nursery, growing room and cropping room, said Jon Fountain, prosecuting.

In the kitchen were found 10 one-ounce bags of cannabis ‘ready to go’ and worth £1,250.

Another half-kilo being dried was valued at £2,300.

Carter had served a six-year sentence in 2004. After his release he got a job as a lorry driver but lost it and his life went down hill, said his barrister Nicola Hornby.

The other man moved in to help pay the rent.

He had large sums of money in his room and stood to benefit most from the cannabis grow, said Miss Hornby.

Judge Andrew Hamilton told Carter, now of Langwith: “You have been involved with drugs for many years.

“You provided the accommodation for these drugs to be grown.”