CRIME STATS: Ten murders and 2,000 sexual offences reported to Notts police last year

Police hunt armed robber
Police hunt armed robber

Nottinghamshire has topped the crime lists for the East Midlands in 2015 with ten murders, more than 2,00 sexual offences and 35,000 thefts, new figures reveal.

These figures, released by the Office of National Statistics, are from the last year until September 2015 and are higher for Nottinghamshire Police than any other force in the region.

The national crime figures have revealed that there has been a rise in some reported crimes in Nottinghamshire over this time period.

There has been a 61 per cent increase in sexual offences in the county, as well as a 20 per cent increase in violence against a person.

However, robbery and domestic burglary is down by 15 per cent and drug offences are down by nine per cent.