Crime records fall at Notts Police


Crime and antisocial behaviour has reduced across Nottinghamshire, according to the force’s audited crime performances figures for the last 12 months.

Overall, crime reduced in Nottinghamshire from 72,436 crimes in 2014/15 to 72,410 in 2015/16.

There were almost 700 fewer households across the county and city which were burgled (3,376) and more than 100 fewer victims of robbery (908).

Retailers reported 167 fewer shop theft offences (7,689) and the number of bicycles stolen fell by almost 200 (1,928).

The number of reported drugs offences, both possession and trafficking offences, fell by 480 (3,021).

The number of antisocial behaviour incidents recorded across the force reduced by 1,675 (36,776) compared with 2014/15.

Chief Constable Chris Eyre said: “These are very welcome figures which demonstrate that despite the considerable financial challenges facing the force, Nottinghamshire is bucking the national trend of a general rise in crime.

“We have seen a reduction of more than 1,400 crimes in Nottingham city alone, while many other comparable cities and areas around the country have seen their crime figures go up.

“We have continued to put our most vulnerable victims of crime and antisocial behaviour first when our skilled Control Room staff deal with the almost one million calls for assistance made to Nottinghamshire Police during the past 12 months.

“The protection of children and young people, the elderly, victims of domestic and sexual violence and hate crimes is paramount in what we do each and every day.

“The significant reduction in antisocial behaviour incidents is a very pleasing development indeed and should provide a good indicator of the health and well-being of our communities, including tolerance and respect for one another, in general.”

He added: “For many years now we have consistently driven down burglary with initiatives designed to make householders feel safer in their own homes. Anyone who has been a victim of burglary will know what a horrible invasive crime it is and the impact it can have on householders and their families. For that reason alone, we are pleased to see burglaries fall again and to have been able to deliver sustained reductions in burglary over many years now.

“The fact that robberies and thefts have also fallen again shows the in-roads that we have made on reducing acquisitive crime generally. Our work with retailers, such as radio links and other security improvements, is bearing fruit with fewer shoplifting offences too.

“Our approach to drugs offences has been to tackle this issue on a number of levels, from small-scale street dealing and production being dealt with our neighbourhood and specialist teams, through to the regional collaboration we have with the other East Midlands forces to target organised crime groups which trade in drugs.

“Some excellent outcomes at court in recent years have meant that a number of significant criminals operating in the drugs trade are currently serving prison sentences, which has had the effect of disrupting the production and supply of drugs in Nottinghamshire.”

The number of incidents of violent crime rose by around nine per cent to 17,836 and sexual offences increased by 199 offences to 2,084.

Mr Eyre said: “Looking ahead, reducing violence has got to remain our primary focus, as is continuing to provide exemplary support and investigations for victims of sexual offences, whether current or historical, which has encouraged more people to come forward to report crimes committed against them.

“We must also build on the great work being done in those areas where the reductions have been consistent over many years now and not let that momentum slow down.

“There will be further necessary changes to some of our structures as we meet the fiscal challenges, but we are committed to preserving the strength of those frontline services which the public have a right to expect whenever they turn to us for help.”