Crime figures increase in Kirkby and Annesley areas

The latest crime figures for Kirkby and Annesley Woodhouse show an overall increase of almost 10 per cent

Monday, 14th November 2016, 1:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:04 pm

A Nottinghamshire police report shows that between August 1 to November 11 overall crime increased by 9.5 per cent on the same period last year - although violent crime and anti-social behaviour reduced.

The biggest rise in the three monthly reports was in burglary with 54 more crimes on sheds garages and commercial properties.

Car crime went up by 18 incidents.

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On a more positive note, anti-social behaviour saw a decrease of 43 incidents and there were 32 less victims of violent crime.

The report due to be presented to a meeting of Ashfield District Council’s Kirkby area committee on Wednesday (November 16) states: “We are recording more crime. In addition residents are reporting more which is really important and encouraged.

It adds “This increase has also been seen with the submissions of community intelligence which we and our partners are very grateful of.

The report says the areas of most concern are burglary other (shed, garages and commercial breaks) with 54 additional crimes.

There has been a small decrease in dwelling burglaries.

It adds: “This has been an emerging trend this past few weeks however work has been carried out to reduce the incidents.

“One of the main concerns is commercial burglaries and some recent arrests seem to have brought this to a halt.

“Nottinghamshire Police are working with Derbyshire Police to manage and investigate a group that has been targeting both areas.

“In addition there have been arrests including of one individual caught in the act of committing a burglary of a garage which again will have a positive impact in bucking the trend being experienced.

“Additional resources have brought to manage this problem as well.

“Autocrime is another opportunist crime which has seen an increase with 18 offences.

“In addition we have been using social media and neighbourhood alert to prompt the community in not leaving valuables in their vehicles and ensuring they are secure.”

The report said anti-social behaviour had seen a decrease of 43 incidents, adding: “This supports the great work being done by the partnership working between Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police along with other agencies reducing antisocial behaviour.”

“There has been a good reduction in violent crime with 32 less victims than this time last year.

It said the reduction was down to on going proactive work around antisocial behaviour and the “excellent” work being done around domestic violence in support survivors and prosecutions through a partnership approach with WAIS (Woman Aid Integrated Services).

Operation Animism runs every weekend targeting hot spots around the area.

In addition work has been done around off-road bikes and there has been a significant reduction this past month due to action taken district wide using powers under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Poling Act and using social media to great effect.

Police have also experienced an increase in community intelligence helping identify those responsible. This has increased the number of off road bikes being seized and prosecutions being taken out on the riders.

The off-road team have been involved with several operations which have resulted in 11 bikes being seized and between 15-20 Section 59 notices being handed out for their manner of riding.

Should those people re-offend within the next 12 months their vehicles will also be seized.

The report lists the three monthly figures for Kirkby West, Central, East and Annesley.

Area Overviews:

Annesley Woodhouse:

Crime overall year to date shows a reduction with 7 few crimes ( fewer dwelling burglaries, vehicle crime and antisocial behaviour related crimes and incidents).

The only increase of note is burglary other with 3 more crimes. Burglary is still the main issue based on the previous 3 months. Patrols have been enhanced however recent arrests may bring this trend down. Previous three months in brackets ().

Opportunist Crimes:

 Dwelling Burglary: 4 (4)

 Burglary Other: 11 (11)

 Theft Of Motor Vehicle: 1 (4)

 Theft From Motor Vehicle: 6 (4)

Kirkby West:

Crime overall year to date (YTD) shows an increase with 16 more crimes recorded (dwelling burglaries, vehicle crime) however a slight reduction in burglary other YTD. This trend is continued with the previous three months however there is a down turn in burglary others due to recent arrests and patrols. Vehicle crime is still a concern and plans are still in place enhance patrols a target persistent offenders. Previous 3 months in brackets ().

Opportunist Crimes:

 Dwelling Burglary: 7 (2)

 Burglary Other: 14 (18)

 Theft Of Motor Vehicle: 0 (8)

 Theft From Motor Vehicle: 16 (8)

Kirkby East:

This area has had significant problems with opportunist and acquisitive crimes. The recent arrests will hopefully have an impact in reducing this concerning trend leading up to Christmas.

To summarise crime overall year to date (YTD) shows an increase with 47 more

crimes recorded (burglaries, vehicle crime) however there are slight reductions in antisocial behaviour and theft YTD. This trend is continued with the previous three months however there is a down turn in burglary others due to recent arrests and patrols, but the figures are still very concerning regardless. Previous three months in brackets ().

Opportunist Crimes:

 Dwelling Burglary: 6 (2)

 Burglary Other: 26 (37)

 Theft Of Motor Vehicle: 7 (10)

 Theft From Motor Vehicle: 16 (10)

Kirkby Central:

Crime overall year to date (YTD) remains unchanged with only a differential of 1 crime. Increases are in the areas of burglary other with 16 more offences, however burglary dwelling and autocrime shows a down turn. However the concerning feature is the increase on the previous three months which may be due to displacement from police activity on the other areas. As mentioned previously the recent arrests and on going prosecutions may buck this trend. Proactive work will continue.

Previous 3 months in brackets ().

Opportunist Crimes:

 Dwelling Burglary: 5 (4)

 Burglary Other: 21 (11)

 Theft Of Motor Vehicle: 6 (2)

 Theft From Motor Vehicle: 4 (2)

Crime Mapping data is accessible via the website.

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