Crime doesn’t pay for Mansfield heroin dealer Paul Robinson

NMAC Paul Robinson
NMAC Paul Robinson
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A MANSFIELD drug dealer behind bars for peddling heroin has seen £37,000 of his ill-gotten gains confiscated by the courts.

Paul Robinson (31) was jailed a year ago after officers found bags of Class A drugs at his house on Milford Crescent in the town.

Just 12 months into a four-year prison sentence, Robinson has now been told more than £37,000 of the cash he earned selling drugs will be seized.

Insp Mark Webster said the confiscation will prevent Robinson getting his hands on the profits he accumulated.

“He has not only lost four years of his life for dealing illicit drugs but he’s also had to pay a significant financial price too,” Insp Webster said.

“He will not be able to benefit from the ill-gotten gains he accrued peddling illegal substances and has learned the hard way crime does not pay.”

Robinson admitted possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply in June 2011. His address had been raided in February 2011 when police found two large bags full of heroin and a small amount of cannabis, worth up to £10,000 in total.

They also recovered £10,000 in cash and high value goods, and after he had been sentenced, officers made an application to seize his profits under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Insp Webster added: “Members of the community are our eyes and ears and the information provided by them is often crucial in our continued fight against drugs.”

Anyone with information about dealing should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.