Creative film-making raises teenage issues

A group of talented Year 9, 10 and 11 students worked relentlessly all day on Wednesday, creating a student-led film.

Tuesday, 18th February 2014, 8:38 am

The students have been working for the past six weeks with AGCD; a government funded filming company that promotes and supports new local talent; giving students the opportunity to have a voice.

The students have been mind mapping, planning, storyboarding and scripting their film which went into production on Wednesday.

Two original pieces of script have been created about the issues that students face in their lives today. These include bullying, underage sex and domestic violence.

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“The piece focuses on teenage issues and raising greater awareness of these,” said screenwriter, Aiden Pacey. “I’ve addressed issues of teenage pregnancy and desires because there is not much available information about it in our school.

“It’s important to talk about it because people joke about the topic but it should be discussed to make people feel more comfortable so they don’t let it emotionally affect and upset them.”

The day was spent filming a range of scenes in several locations, including the living room and kitchen, where we witness a harrowing argument between parents; a classroom, which illustrates tension between the rivalry of students and a disco where the characters make bad decisions which will ultimately affect their lives.

Terrence Munangi and Nicolle Ndiweni directed and shot all of the scenes, using their expertise in film production to provide a realistic filming experience for the students.

“Today has been really good,” said student, Morgan Holliday. “It’s been challenging because I’m playing an abused mother.

“I have used body language and tone of voice to show I’m afraid and I’ve wavered my voice to show the fear she feels because of her husband.”

Another sudent, Kyle Raison, added: “The chance to work with two producers is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m playing the dad and it’s improved my drama skills.”

Terrence and Nicole set up the company. and are supported by Nottinghamshire County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Terrence added: “I’ve always had a passion for working with young people and wanted to offer them opportunities that I never had growing up.

“I thought that film workshops would be a creative way to do this.”