Crash victim calls for revamp of Ollerton road

AN OLLERTON woman is calling for action over a ‘dangerous’ road bend at a Tesco store after an accident left her needing to be cut free from her car.

Joan Miller also suffered whiplash when she was hit by another vehicle while leaving the supermarket’s car park on Forest Road in the town.

Mrs Miller says the accident happened as the other driver lost control of their 4x4-style car while negotiating the bend at the entrance to the store’s car park.

She has since written to Tesco asking them to review the road layout after hearing other people comment on the angle of the bend.

But this week the supermarket firm said it will not act because it is not aware of any similar incidents.

Said Mrs Miller (55): “I just wanted them to review that bend as I know of other people who think it’s poor.

“I just want them to do something with that car park so it’s safer for other customers.

“With the money Tesco have got, they have a duty of care to look at it.”

Mrs Miller was cut free by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and treated in hospital for whiplash after the 14th January crash.

Her mother, Lillian Crowder (76), who was in the passenger seat of the Honda Civic at the time, was left ‘shocked’ but unhurt.

Added Mrs Miller, of Wellow Road in Ollerton: “It’s not stopped me driving but it could have been much worse and I consider myself very lucky.”

After the incident she emailed Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke asking for the entrance to the car park to be reviewed.

In a reply, a Tesco customer service representative said: “I have discussed your concerns regarding the layout of the Ollerton car park with our senior highway engineer at length.

“Regrettably he doesn’t consider there to be a serious issue with this car park as we have no other accidents reported in the last year.

“It is regrettable that you were involved in what I can imagine was a frightening situation and are still in pain as a result; however there are no plans to change the layout of the car park.”

A spokesman for Tesco reiterated they would not be taking any action.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said the force attended the accident and no action was taken in connection with the incident.

They added the force had a record of another two-car collision at the store’s car park on 29th September.

This incident resulted in no injuries or arrests, but the exact location of the collision was not clear.