Crash driver landed in the Dog House

A shopkeeper in Meden Vale was left feeling a little ‘woof’ after a car smashed through her premises for the second time .

Dee Nuzzolese is counting the cost again after a vehicle ploughed into her pet grooming parlour, The Dog House, on Ossington Close.

It comes six years after another driver crashed through the shop window.

Like before, it was an elderly lady in an automatic car accidentally hitting reverse. The latest crash happened at around 7.20am last Wednesday morning.

Dee, who has run the business for more than 20 years and lives in a flat above, said: “I heard a bang and looked out of the flat window, but I thought it was the supermarket getting a delivery -it wasn’t until my neighbour told me.

“I’ve heard about men going into the dog house, but not women!

“We have a lot of people coming here and backing the car up so they can get their dog out of the boot, but this lady was going to the supermarket.

“The lady was really shaken, and she kept saying sorry. I really felt sorry for her. I just couldn’t believe it’s happened again though - they say lightning doesn’t strike twice but it has done!

“If we were on the corner of a road you could maybe understand it, but it’s a parade of shops.”

Although still open, Dee now fears her insurance premium will rocket, and is considering approaching the council about bollards being put in place outside her premises to protect it from further damage.